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"I have been training with Julie for close to 10 years now and to put it this way, if I could pack her up and take her everywhere with me I would! She is ridiculously talented and has done wonders for my body.  I am a Pilates and indoor cycling instructor in Chicago and every time I come to town Julie is my first call. She is such a talented instructor and her knowledge of Pilates and the body shows in every session. She was the one who got me hooked on Pilates and to this day I have yet to find someone who challenges me and offers such a great workout as Julie."

"Pilates has totally transformed my body. My core has become so much stronger, 
my arms more defined and my booty has lifted to the sky. Julie offers a well 
rounded work out targeting your entire body and you will definitely know you 
worked the next day. The results are just amazing. If you have not tried Pilates 
or Pilates with Julie you must! (It took me a minute to type that because I'm 
reluctant to share her) :-)"

"Being a Pilates instructor myself Julie has taught me what a great instructor is 
and I owe a lot of what I know to her.  By the way, my abs hurt as I type this 
because of a session with Julie this morning...look out Usher, my Pilates Barre 
abs are going to give you a run for your money!" 

Erin S.
"Julie’s Pilates class has help transform my body.  Before attending her class, I had done some Pilates videos at home, but would quickly get bored and lose the motivation to push myself.  I found the studio online and decided it was time to get serious about my health.  Since I’ve been going, my body has completely changed.  It is much more toned and fit, and I am now capable of doing moves which were too challenging for me when I first started attending.  The Barre class is a phenomenal leg workout and provides you with quick noticeable results."

"The class is accommodating to everyone’s ability levels which makes the class enjoyable for beginners and advanced students.  We are always doing something new and different which keeps it fun and makes you excited to come back!  Julie is vested in her client’s results, and is always willing to give workout advice and tips.  I have always felt very comfortable in her class even when I had no idea what we were doing or was unable to accomplish a move.  Pilates has helped me keep the weight off that I gained after college, and my body looks better than it ever has!"

Jennifer R.
Tamara has been part of our Pilates family for about a decade.  She has moved out of town to start the next chapter of her life.  Nothing is so bittersweet then when someone tells you that Pilates will be one of the most missed things about Michigan.  Her twice a week practice and years of dedication is truly inspiring! 

"Pilates is exercise for life and Julie is a great teacher for Pilates.  Julie provides classes that challenge you while moving at your own pace. When I would accomplish a particular movement Julie would challenge me by adding on something new, in this way the classes are never the same and I was always getting stronger. Her classes are fun, challenging, exciting and are taught in a bright studio. If you're looking for a Pilates class that you can do for the rest of your life I recommend Julie at Pilates Barre."  Tamara E.
Pilates Barre Studio
Farmington Hills, MI
"Great workout!  Cheaper than therapy.  More effective than Retin A."     -Ruth C.

Love Julie and the studio! Positive likeminded people who are always challenging me to improve!      -Sara J.