Julie A. Schonfeld has over 20 years of full time Pilates training.  She experienced Pilates years ago as part of her dance training.  She completed an intense apprenticeship program in Beverly Hills, Michigan at The Health of It! one of the first Pilates Studios in Michigan.  Ms. Schonfeld teaches a classical method of Pilates body conditioning.

Ms. Schonfelds' disciplined workout approach to the Pilates Method sets her studio apart from the rest.  She has worked with a wide variety of individuals ranging from athletes and dancers to children and seniors.  Her mind-body approach and ability to fully understand the Pilates technique has been very rewarding for her clients. She is able to understand her clients' goals and needs in order to create a challenging and effective workout with maximum results.

Ms. Schonfeld has written her own Pilates training manual and trained other Pilates Instructors in the area.

Pilates Trainer / Owner



Alexandra joins our studio mid September to offer weekday morning POP Pilates group classes and private mat classes. 


Alex has been an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor for four years. She loves combining her love of fitness with her passion for people to create workouts that are fun and effective. Alex considers herself a fitness junkie, but Pilates has been a long-time favorite. Alex loves workouts that fuse different fitness modalities, which is why POP Pilates is her favorite format to teach.

POP Pilates Trainer 



​Nina Khakham has been with the studio since January 2013.  She has had a long and successful career as an engineer and enjoys many hobbies including traveling, skiing, ballroom dancing and gourmet cooking.  

In 2010, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for health and wellness, and received her STOTT PILATES certification.  Since then, she has enjoyed working with all levels of clients in private or group settings to help them attain their specific goals, including increase muscle strength, improve posture and balance, retain vitality in aging populations, and improve athletic ability. She is able to work with clients with injuries, pain and a deconditioned state through exercise modifications. Nina has seen the many benefits of Pilates on herself and is passionate to share it with others.  Nina also teaches the MELT Method Hand and Feet Treatment 

program and is a certified TOTAL BARRE instructor.

Nina's rates are slightly different from regular studio pricing and clients are encouraged to contact her directly with any questions on rates or availability.

Nina's schedule and rates

Pilates Trainer


The studio is looking for qualified Pilates trainers to join our growing studio.  Studio space is available for rent.