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The studio will offer open workout hours for approved clients to do self paced workouts.  Independent workouts will be self guided programs for clients that can work on their own safely.  Candidates must be actively participating in privates or reformer classes for at least 6 months at the studio.  Clients can workout with AirPods using the on-demand videos via their phone (additional subscription required) as a guide or use a written list of exercises provided by the studio.  Written list includes the series order with springs and footbar positions.


Clients must to be pre-approved before being allowed to self practice.  Open studio rates are $20 per class (cash only one time trial of 3 classes for $30).  There is no option to purchase open workouts online.  I must approve clients and charge them before credits will be added to your account for use.  Sessions are by appointment with a 24 hour cancellation.


I will be in the studio at all times for supervision but please note that this is a self guided class so clients need to have a good understanding of how to use the equipment.

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