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For Long-Term Health, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Contribution by Dana Brown

Pilates Barre Studio knows that when it comes to making major lifestyle changes, it’s essential to find a plan that you can stick to. Not every diet or fitness program will work for every schedule, and everyone is at different stages in their fitness journey. Be realistic about what you can achieve now, and you will be less likely to get frustrated or give up. Your routine needs to suit your unique needs, physical abilities, preferences, and time constraints.

Fitness regimens need to fit your needs.

A high-impact intensive workout routine might be just what you need for a fitness reset — but not necessarily. Jumping too quickly into a demanding workout or trying a new exercise without building up to it can be risky. You don’t want to end up immobilized with an injury due to having pushed yourself too hard. It’s also crucial to learn to do any new exercises, poses, or workouts correctly. Even gentle stretching, when done the wrong way, can bring on the bad kind of aches and pains.

If you have access to a gym where an instructor can assist you or where you can take classes with a certified expert, this is ideal. Pilates Barre Studio offers classes that are both in-person and online, to suit a range of different needs and levels.

“No pain, no gain” is true only up to a point. A sustainable and healthy practice should not cause regular discomfort. Additionally, exercises that you enjoy and even look forward to (rather than dread), will be easier to maintain. So when selecting a fitness regimen, think more about what you can see yourself doing on a regular basis than simply on what offers the fastest calorie burn.

Focus on eating for overall health.

Dramatic fad or crash diets can be effective in the short-term but are usually difficult to maintain. And not all of these diets are good for one’s health, even if they do trigger weight loss. Find a nutritional plan that will be beneficial — not only in helping you achieve a targeted weight but also in terms of feeding your body what it needs to stay energized and what your brain needs to stay alert.

If your goal is to lose extra pounds, an appetite suppressant can sometimes be helpful, if used safely and in conjunction with an overall health and fitness plan. Do some research to find out which are most effective and which are most highly-rated for safety. If you are concerned about allergens, additives, or even flavor, be sure to read the ingredients list. Of course, as with everything health-related, consult your doctor before trying anything new.

Set small achievable goals as building-blocks to a healthier future.

The problem with setting ambitious short-term goals is that we too often fail to meet them. But the long term often feels so far away. We need to be able to reward ourselves for our achievements as we go, and this can happen most effectively if we create a series of small attainable goals.

Once you have succeeded in reaching one milestone, evaluate what you can change or add in the next. More workouts? Longer workouts? Fewer sugary treats? Less screen time? Whatever you are pursuing, do so at a pace you can sustain — one that won’t leave you exhausted or frustrated. The key is to gradually incorporate more and better routines into your daily schedule so that they begin to feel natural and even desirable. For added motivation, tap into the benefits of a fitness tracker or smartwatch with a comfortable sports band so you can see your progress.

Remember that moderate, incremental changes are better for your health than dramatic alterations. Even if you don’t feel like you are getting the results you want immediately, be patient! The results will come, and progressing toward them slowly may be the more health-conscious option. And if you’re ready to kickstart your health, get started with online classes from Pilates Barre Studio today.

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