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Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Those of us that practice Pilates are well aware of the exercise the hundred. It is the staple to any core training workout. There are a ton of different ways to execute the exercise. Let's take a look at a handful of different versions. As usual, lie down on your back with your abs pulled in and the pelvis gently flattened. The upper body lifts to a crunch with a tennis balls distance from chin to chest, eyes on the belly button. Reach the arms out long by the hips with fingers reaching long. The leg position Working from a beginner level to advanced. 1. Feet planted on the floor with bent knees. Feet hip width apart. 2. Legs lifted in a 90 degree tabletop style position. 3. Legs straight up to the ceiling above the hips. 4. Legs lowered down at your point of control. (don't arch that back now) Legs can be parallel together or turned out in first position. Breathing 1. The usual 5 inhales and 5 exhales ten times over (hence the word...100's) 2. Maybe try 4 inhales and 6 exhales. Where to do the hundred? 1. On the mat free form. Try a magic circle in the ankles. 2. On the reformer with straps in hands. 3. On the cadillac with the rolldown bar in hands. 4. Laying down on the seat of the chair. Those are just a few different variations of the hundred. Feel free to leave comments on your favorite version.

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